About our Dhurries
For centuries dhurries have been a hugely popular floor covering in India. Otherwise known as flatwoven rugs, they tend to be made of hand-spun natural cotton, wool, jute, silk or camel hair in the colder, northern areas.  Often they combine a mixture of these yarns.

Mahout Lifestyle believes that every home should have a dhurrie as they are an essential part of a room’s decoration. Their colour and vibrancy will brighten up a dark corner, or a more subtle, pastel rug will break up and calm an overly vivid area. A patchwork of them thrown together on a large floor space or out in the garden is fun and unusual. We have chosen a few of our favourites but should you not find the perfect one, please don’t hesitate to call us and we can have one made according to your specific colour and size requirements.

They generally come in bold, striking, colourful designs with simple, geometric or symmetrical, and often repetitive or Mughal inspired patterns. Not only are they used as indoor floor coverings but, due to their versatility, over the years, they have also come to be used as wall hangings, bedding, packing material and table covers. Similarly, their tough durability allows them to be used outside (in warm, dry climates) to brighten up a hard baked courtyard floor or to warm up the inside of a tent on shikar ‘safari’.

These beautiful, hand-crafted, multi-functional rugs have, since time immemorial been used by commoners and royalty alike and have transcended all boundaries. From the simplest to the most intricate, a dhurrie is to be found gracing the floor of almost every Indian home and a room is not considered complete without one. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and originally took their inspiration from Indian floor paintings and local flora, fauna and colour. Recently the dhurrie has found growing favour with the Western world and they are becoming increasingly popular. This has enabled the once waning but ancient tradition of dyeing and weaving to have a revival and this delicate skill is once again being passed down from generation to generation.  This has given life blood to the industry and has also brought families and communities back together, to re-educate themselves and do what they do best!

The families and weavers behind our stunning dhurries are talented and committed and have been weaving for nigh on 100 years with their skills and knowledge gradually being passed down from one generation to the next. Weaving has traditionally been a ‘village industry’ in India and was once considered a major life source to a village, providing income, occupation and creativity. All our weavers are valued and involved in the business and excel at what they do. The warp and weft are either cotton yarn, wool, jute, a mixture of cotton and wool or wool and jute.  The interlocked weave of most of these dhurries, makes them perfectly reversible.  The materials used in these dhurries are all hand spun and hand dyed at creation.

Mahout Lifestyle has one of the widest ranges of dhurries available in the UK and with a variation of visually exciting, flamboyant, bright, colourful rugs; stunningly simple, more contemporary, two tone, pastel designs; and some wonderfully warm, earthy, rustic designs.  We really do have something for everyone and everywhere and we are one of the few companies that carries stock and in varying sizes of each design.

In the unlikely event you do not find what you are looking for in our store, why not have your own dhurrie made.  Choose your own design, size and colour from our colour wheel and we’ll have your perfect dhurrie with you in about 12 weeks.