A passion for the history and beauty of the Dhurrie

Michael Curtis Green and Mary-Anne Denison-Pender share a mutual affinity and respect for India and its wide-ranging culture and traditions. They set up Mahout Lifestyle to showcase the colours and crafts of India and, in particular, to support and help revive the dying art of dhurrie (rug) making.

Michael has worked in the interiors business for many years and his expert eye and imaginative design ideas form the creative and operational ‘brain’ behind Mahout Lifestyle.

Mary-Anne has had many years of doing business in India (she currently runs Indian consultancy Mahout UK Ltd.) and has helped to form the foundations of the company, along with its promotion.

Between us, we have unrivalled access to product, prices and people which allows us to offer products at highly competitive prices.

We also offer a highly personalised ordering service for those looking for something in particular, our unique bespoke rug design service – Design Your Own Dhurrie.

The team