about-usWhen Michael Curtis Green and Mary-Anne Denison-Pender met in 2006 their mutual devotion to India forged a union that led not only to marriage, but to a business partnership as well. Combining Michael’s expert interiors eye with Mary-Anne’s extensive knowledge and experience of doing business in India, Mahout Lifestyle showcases some of The Subcontinent’s most interesting and desirable products and designs, reflecting a nation that is alive with dazzling colour.

India’s unique and wide-ranging culture has inspired the Mahout Lifestyle range to reflect some of the country’s many traditions and handicrafts.

Regular overseas sourcing journeys ensure that our product lines constantly evolve and expand, and we offer a highly personalised ordering service for those looking for something in particular. Colourful, yet sophisticated and subtle yet contemporary, Mahout Lifestyle offers a taste of India’s outstanding traditional craftsmanship and innovation