Our range of wonderfully colourful quilts (rasais) and elegantly understated bedspreads (boutis and appliqué) have all been individually handmade in India, especially for us. The beautifully soft cotton has been screen or block printed with our highly original designs.

All of our quilts and bedspreads have the bonus of being double sided, some simply having the pattern reversed on the underside and others with a more sober / masculine, striped or checked underside.

Perhaps the most important and valuable aspect of our bedspreads and quilts is that they have been designed to hang to the ground on either a single or a kingsized bed. There’s nothing worse than having a bedspread that only covers the top of the bed and ends up sliding off. Not so with these, which hang prettily to the ground on all beds.

The art of block printing began in around 2500BC in Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is a very simple method of printing on cloth wherein local hardwoods are cut into blocks, soaked in olive oil, dried in the sun, carved into elaborate designs and then used for printing intricate and colourful patterns by coating the carved pattern in ink or paint and stamping it onto the fabric. Over the centuries, it has become an art form in itself and block printing is seeing a wonderful revival today, with the interest and demand emanating from the West.

Screen printing is also an ancient Asian technique which uses woven mesh stretched over a frame supporting an ink-blocking stencil. Areas of the screen are left blank with an impermeable material which forms the stencil – ultimately the area where the ink will appear on the fabric. Ink is then placed on the screen and pumped through the mesh on to the material by use of a squeegee. It is an art form more time consuming and technical than block printing.

‘Boutis’ is an ancient technique whereby a filling is inserted between two layers of material and it is then closely stitched to form a tight quilted effect. It is an incredibly time consuming procedure. Traditionally ‘boutis’ quilted fabrics were used to enhance the warmth of a particular fabric, especially in winter clothing, but they have also longtime been used decoration and bedcoverings. Our bedspreads (boutis) come in highly sophisticated designs which will look smart and chic in all bedrooms.

Appliqué (aka cutwork) is a decorative art which has flourished in various states in India for centuries. It consists of one material sewn over another – a sort of patchwork with, pieces of coloured and patterned fabric being cut into different patterns or sizes and then sewn together onto a plain background. Originally appliqué was used for parasols, pillows and canopies but it has now progressed wall hangings, lampshades, bedspreads and clothing. For our appliqué bedspreads we have toned down the more colourful designs and have chosen white on off white, white on organza and white on multi-coloured fabrics, for a gentler, more ‘bedroomy’ effect.

Rasais are loosely quilted bedspreads with a thick layer of cotton padding between two outer layers. They have been used in India for centuries as an additional layer of warmth in the colder climates and as a light, single layer in the warmer regions. Our quilts (rasais) are soft, deliciously cosy and look fabulously bright and inviting in any bedroom.